My MLTP EAC Hack, Combined With Toms Boot Sequence Hack

Bob, Tom, and I combined Tom's latest Hack, and my latest Hack, into a devious sequence.

  • Generate a system error.
  • Generate a second system error simultaneously.
  • The MuLTiPle EAC code would spring into action.
  • The System Console would type out my variation of the dreaded "MLTP EAC".

    **** ***

  • The victim of choice would, innocently, load Tom's hacked Boot Sequence card deck into the card reader (card punch) hopper, and attempt a hard system boot.
  • The victim would enjoy (!!) the confusion of wondering What The Hack Was Going On, when, instead of simply reading a total of 7 to 9 cards and springing into action, the system would read the first, then spring into action punching (lacing) each card, one at a time.
  • Note that the noise generated by the card punch was quite noticeable when it was merely punching data into a series of cards. Lacing (punching all 80 by 12 holes into each card) was significantly louder, when we tested the theory of Tom's earlier. A most satisfying clamour ensued.


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