Day 4 - Caught: Not My Secret Anymore

So how did Keith and Tom find out about My Hack?

I have no idea. All I remember one evening when they were in the Computer Room, then left to go watch TV for a bit, and of course, didn't invite me. So they left, and I started playing with My Hack. I had more ideas how to expand upon it, and I was hard at work when they strolled back into the Computer Room. Obviously they wanted to know what I was doing, and I wasn't too skilled at denying anything of interest. Actually, I was a little scared - again, I was sure that they would be angry, and they might even Tell On Me.

Actually, they were amused, and even more so to tell me that they had been watching me for a while - apparently since shortly after I started My Hack.

So now there were three of us, all enjoying My Hack. And I was now an equal member of the trio.

Anyway, shortly afterwards, the New Science Building was completed, and the Computer Center was relocated to its new, and showy, location. Part of the move involving connecting the computer network, and here is a key feature in the story.


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