Day 6 - My Hack Becomes Practical

You haven't forgotten where this started, have you? My Password File hack was not the only exploit which I (encouraged by others) had going. But it was the most useful, and thanks to Art, became celebrated throughout the student body.

OK, I exaggerate. Maybe a dozen or so non computer nerds even knew of the hack, or its usefulness. As I said before, nobody cared. Harry and Tom would occasionally add or change a password, and setup a file for legitimate use. But Bob, Tom (student), or I would always know when a file had been assigned, and we took care to only assign our own files that Harry and Tom (adult) didn't assign.

Anyway, we assigned a file to Art, for his game (High School Sex) development. And Bob, Tom, and I worked on our own versions of HSS. Now I had assigned myself a couple files, in addition to the one which Harry himself gave me when I became a major player in the Computer Center. All SAs were given a file, as a rite of passage. I was given file #003 (#001 and #002 were some professor and Tom, respectively).

There were probably a half a dozen versions of HSS in the system, each being developed by someone different. I stored my version in my personal file #003. Maybe only a dozen knew about "See Chuck" if you want a file, but at least twice that knew about HSS. Various versions of HSS were known to be played more or less, on different teletypes (and that would be another hack, which we enjoyed, to be described in the future).

Boy, were we dumb. We were lucky, too, until our luck ran out.


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